A bitsy game made for the Mixtape bitsy Jam.

Made withBitsy


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Great job!   The environments, and sprites were awesome!  I also loved the menagerie of things used for the tape!

Thanks. Yeah I had plans for a few different areas like, forest/swamp etc. but didn't have time. I was also going to put warps to the 'real world' so you had to kind of go between the two to solve puzzles. Might expand it when I've got some time.

I really liked your designs and art! And it had some delightful dialogue too. It's a really fun and interesting entry for the Jam! Great Job on your first Bitsy!!

Though...I wasn't actually able to finish the game for some reason... is assisting the ghost overlooking the ocean supposed to further the quest, because the dialogue did not seem to suggest that, and, as far as I can see it's either that or I missed someone/thing to interact with...

Thanks. Yeah I still need to add a couple bits to this to make it clearer and their's bugs I need to clean up. I think I forgot to add a song to the mixtape for one of the ghosts. But if you go to one of the other ghosts who you help again, like the slime, it should give out mixtape songs ad infinitum and fill the tape completely.

i love the way you made it look like there's depth in the walls n corners n stuff!! real nice


Thanks. Its an amusing coincidence you mention depth,   as I have an eye infection at the moment and made this game with one eye closed. So my 2d game depth is probly better than my real world depth perception at the moment!

This was such a bittersweet game!! AND I LOVE THE ART!!! I LOVE THE GHOSTIES


Hey thanks alot! This was my first Bitsy game and it was alot of fun to make. It still needs a bit of a polish but I ran out of time.